Lifestyle in Harmony

We can’t always trust those in power to reduce human impacts on the environment (through regulations, sustainable development, renewable energy targets, etc), especially not if we as consumers and members of society don’t care about changing our own lifestyles to reflect a life in balance.

Living with less impact on the environment is not hard to do. I will compile on this page links to lifestyle tips as well as tips of my own.

Let’s build a sustainable society from the ground up. With more and more people, reducing our consumption and degradation of the natural world, intended or simply borne of ignorance, is increasingly crucial to saving what natural beauty we have left.


Reduce your use of plastics

Store produce without plastic

(I will continue updating this list)

The easiest thing to do in terms of achieving a more sustainable lifestyle is to pick one change to implement at a time and only move on to another thing when you have mastered the first. Making these changes into habits will have the greatest staying power.


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