Lament for J2

I was struck by the latest bad news concerning the Southern Resident Killer Whales: the presumed death of J2, also known as Granny. Likely over 100 years old, she was the matriarch of J Pod for decades. I don’t usually write poetry but have found that it helps express complex but brief feelings and thoughts. So here is some imagery evoked by the loss of Granny:


A world is lost with you


Orcinus orca

“From the underworld”

(An underworld that is heaven to me)


Queen of the Sound

The Strait

The sea coast


Glaucus sparkle

emerald and iron

spring nights, stars above and below

Noctiluca scintillating

Forests of firs and kelp

Barriers of stone, pebble interfaces


An audience is enraptured


Family following your lead

And your wisdom


You have descended into the silence between songs

A symphony diminished

Is there a greater silence still?

Or a crescendo?



It was never up to you

It’s a question we answer

It always is


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