About Me

Keygan Sands is an MFA candidate at ISU’s Creative Writing and Environment Program and current nonfiction editor at Flyway Journal of Writing and Environment. Her writing explores the reciprocity between humans and nature and imagines other universes (with other versions of people and nature).

About This Site

Through portals you may find other worlds.

Think of this as a sort of hub. Return to step through into a new world with every post. Will it be a fantastical world found in books? The world of our minds and those of other creatures? Or our own world, simultaneously troubled and beautiful? Perhaps even a world we are still exploring, like those of microorganisms or on exoplanets.

Topics vary widely and include science and literature.

Post styles range from informative articles, to persuasive essays, to prose outlining my own experience and opinions on specific subjects.

If the sparks of your curiosity should catch and ignite, please return and step through the portals again.

For more information, see my Introductory Post